Charter Flights from Clearwater, FL, to Charlotte, NC, Offered by Arrive Air

Charter Flights from Clearwater to CharlotteArrive Air’s charter flights from Clearwater, Florida, to Charlotte, North Carolina, put the convenience back in flying. To start, booking a flight is as easy as calling us up and telling us when you want to leave. We’ll take care of the rest by finding you the most economical flight for your trip. Additionally, Arrive Air doesn’t charge by the seat. Instead, each charter has a set price. This way, if you’re traveling with a group, you can split the cost of the charter among yourselves to make it more affordable for each passenger. We also offer Flight Share, a program that allows individuals to fly with groups who have opened up their vacant seats, or with other individuals.

Why else would you consider flying with Arrive Air? There are plenty of reasons. Our charter flights allow you to:

  • Park near your plane and board right away
  • Bring all of your luggage on board with you without any additional fees
  • Fly in comfort with plenty of space and leg room
  • Book a flight on short notice without paying exorbitant prices
  • Go to your destination and come home the same day
  • Avoid the TSA and their pesky liquid limitations
  • Skip the crowds and long security lines
  • Bring your pets on board with you

Arrive Air’s motto is Destination:Easy. In addition to offering charters that are comfortable to fly in, we also provide concierge services to make your trip flow as smooth as possible. For example, we can arrange for ground transportation at your destination, make hotel reservations, and provide catering services. Whatever travel-related services you need, Arrive Air can provide.

For more information about the charter flights from Clearwater, FL, to Charlotte, NC, that we offer, contact Arrive Air today. When you do, be sure to ask us about our referral program!