Did you know you are not limited to fly in and out one of the hundreds of large airports available in the United States but instead have access to thousands of airports?  Consider yourself a VIP! (also known as a Very Important Person who books flights using Arrive Air, or Very Informed Procurer of flights, we are still working out the acronym but don’t you  worry, you are definitely a VIP when you book with Arrive Air!) Chartering a flight with Arrive Air gives you the ability to fly out and in to your closest airport. When we say Destination:Easy we also mean Departure:Easy! No more flying past your destination city to land and get on a plane heading back to where you need to go or flying into a major airport only to drive hours to get to the rural city you are doing business in.

I am sure you are wondering, how does this work? Whether chartering out of a large airport or a smaller  regional  airport, as a passenger your flight will be taking off on a runway accessed by a Fixed Based Operator (FBO).  This means travelers using air charters simply drive up to the FBO’s location, park their car and walk in through the doors which take them right on to their plane. There won’t be any long security lines or restrictions on what travelers can bring on the plane. Plus, if you are running a little late, the plane won’t leave without you because it is your plane.

Benefits of using Arrive Air chartering services include:

  • Traveling to destination and coming back on the same day
  • Taking off and landing from airports close to your origin and destination (traveling to remote cities far away from commercial airports)
  • No long security lines and otherwise dealing with TSA
  • Fly on your own schedule (avoid having to make your trip around the flight schedule of the commercial carriers)
  • Avoid unnecessary overnights due to inconvenient flight times
  • No bag fees or lost luggage
  • Park at the FBO and walk right onto your plane
  • You are in control of your travel companions
  • Bring liquids, keeps your shoes on, no one will be rummaging through your bags, etc.
  • Pets are welcome, and in general there are no restrictions on what you can travel with
  • No upcharge for last-minute bookings (same price whether you book last minute or a month or a year in advance) – this is a big benefit
  • No flight queue for takeoff after weather delays (charter planes are subject to weather restrictions in the same way that commercial planes are – but charter planes don’t have to wait for a long line of planes to take off before them when the weather restrictions are lifted.)
  • Because we offer concierge service, we arrange anything you need, such as catering, ground transportation, booking a meeting room, etc.